What are the consequences for us of being related to God? 

Epictetus – Discourses Book 1
I.9. What are the consequences for us of being related to God?

  1. As mankind is related to God, this should be how every all men designate their place in this world.
  2. So instead of being a citizen of the city of X or Y, we should see ourselves as citizens of the world, just as Socrates did.
  3. That is because this designation reflects your true ancestry that you share with all men.
  4. And it includes the insignificant location your petty body was born in.
  5. This also flows from the fact that we are all members of the all-inclusive state that God administers.
  6. And being related to God, and being connected with him with reason, we too are entitled to govern alongside him.

These truths alone should make us strong and safe.

We should not be afraid of depending only on ourselves.

If we cannot get what we need to survive, we shall depart this life. So what! No need to complain, as we are children of God, and having come from him our earthly bodies are a hinderance only.

But no need for this, there is no rush. God put you in this world and it is your duty to remain in your station until you are relieved. God has assigned us a post and our duties; who are us to abandon that?

  1. God gave us power over our will and he gave us reason. What else do you need?
  2. What interest do we have in things that are not under our control?
  3. We should not care for things on which only others have power.
  4. And the things that we care for, others are powerless to affect.

If we keep these things in mind, nothing can force us to act against our will.

“For in fact it is silly and pointless to try to get from another person what one can get for oneself. Since I can get greatness of soul and nobility from myself, why should I look to get a farm, or money, or some office, from you? I will not be so insensible of what I already own.”