Concerning what is in our power and what is not

Epictetus – Discourses Book 1
I.1. Concerning what is in our power and what is not


  1. The only faculty that can analyse itself.
  2. The only thing we humans actually own.
  3. It is a gift, in a way that our bodies aren’t.
  4. Our bodies do not belong to us.
  5. They belong to the material world.
  6. Reason gives us the powers of positive and negative impulse, desire, and aversion.
  7. These are the powers of God, and he gave us a part of his power.
  8. That to every human being.
  9. Impressions of good and bad are made by reason.
  10. A thing itself cannot make an impression.

If you are on the Path of the Philosopher, you must write down these thoughts every day, and put them in practice.